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FÊTE FOREIGN (2000-1996) performance 60 minutes


Fête Foreign is a music and dance theater piece.The cast is composed of a selection of performing artists, each an independent composer or choreographer. The idea upon which the piece is based is simple : each participant brings to the first rehearsal his « character » for the piece, including costume, make up, artistic qualities and basic rôle conception. Each player has extensively developed his rôle prior to the first rehearsal.The rehearsal period, under the direction of Barre Phillips, serves to further develop the individual roles and to establish a « performance form » to this collection of fabulous characters. The form is in the composition and choreography of the piece.
The content is given by the interaction of the characters involved, musicians and dancers, in a series of tableaux which are precisely constructed. Every performance is unique in that the form is restructured by the director for each show.
We may find a duo between a body builder and airline stewardess ; a trio of a « femme fatale » from a Casavetes movie, a computervirus and a rugby player ; a quartetbetween a Belgium tourist, a jet fighter pilot, a roller blade artist and a wild animal trainer. A kind of Isle of Naxos where kindred spirits meet and live together.

This way of working alLows for real collective composition as each player brings to it not only his professional performance capabilities but also his vision and/or comment on contemporary art and modern day life.

Today in the filds of contemporary dance and music we find a « network » of experienced artists who are working on developing their individual qualities as composers, choregraphers and improvisers. There exists a trend where these artists are no longer content to work only in the established forms we have known for the past 50 years where the contracted composer or choreographer is the only creative member of a production and who surrounds himself with a group of professional performers to execute his work.

Fête Foreign is constitued from artist/performers who are firmly established in this new tendency.


Text form Barre Phillips (2000)

Conceived and directed by Barre Phillips

Dancers / Ula Corn (Woman on the edge) Claire Filmon Le fantôme de mon enfance, Pascale Gille (Vendeuse de ballon) David Laken (El hombre espanol, Bettina Neuhaus (Ying-yang joker), Ursula Sabatin (Lady lost in the 20th century, Julie Serpinet (Mademoiselle cucu, Pablo Troccoli (Macellaio ed altro)    
Musicians / Cecile Broche (violon - A princess),Manuela Bucher (violon alto -The alien),Jacques Foschia(clarinets - Un baigneur),Arne Van Dongen (bouble bass – Fritz/Arbeiter),Ursula Oberle (voice, Flûte - Anna Blum),Eric Thielmans (batterie – Birdman),Nusch Werchowski (Piano-Guerriére Mongole)
Lumière /Fritz Reinhardt
Produrced by / The european network of performing artists Association-Berlin ( P.Troccoli et U.Corn )


  • KunstamtKreuzberg, Berlin, Koniglich Niederlandische Botschaft, Berlin, Intituto Italiano di Cultura, Berlina, Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Brussel, ContredanseASBL, Brussel

  • avril 2000, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin

  • sept 1996, studio L'l, Brussel

Berliner Morgen 2000

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