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Dance Laboratory


My interest in this project is, above all, to create an opportunity for improvising artists in dance to meet eachother.To create a place where artistic exchange is our centre of gravity.


This laboratory took place within a precise framework. Its questioning concerned the creation of « scores » for pieces of improvised dance.


Prior to the laboratory, each artist went through a process of personal reflexion culminating in the creation of a score for 4 dancers and 1 musician and/or 1 actor, all of course, improvisers. In the studio each guest artist in turn presented their score and guided the team to its practical realisation. Each day a score was played, each day a new method of work was experimented. Sharing our different thoughts, experiences, points of view and concepts and exploring the inevitable confrontation between them not only enlargesour own vision but also ressources our creativity.


This meeting between artists took place over a period of ten days. Each artist comes from a different geographical place in Europe : Amsterdam ; Berlin and Bruxelles. They are fully committed to improvisation ; developping their own work, their point of view, their constantly evolving personal thinking. With this Booklet we are sharing their current question with you. The question of « Score » in improvised works .

Danseurs / Pascale Gille, Marisa Grande, Bettina Neuhaus, Pablo Troccoli

Musique / Jacques Foschia

Theatre / Mathieu Couplet

Photos / Raymond Mallentjier



  •  mars 2000: Centre culturel De Pianobafriek à Bruxelles

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